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Hilary Knights

Approved Provider
Bowen Hills Early Learning
Email:  hilary@bowenhillselc.com.au

I’m thrilled to be an Approved Provider of Bowen Hills Early Learning Centre and to welcome you into our Bowen Hills family. Being a Mum myself and having been involved in the childcare sector for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand what a powerfully positive impact quality childcare services has on each and every child’s life.  We are proud to offer your child our nurturing and loving environment where every child can benefit and blossom through our high-quality early childhood education and extra-curricular programs.


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Caitlin Tyson

Bowen Hills Early Learning
Email:  caitlin@bowenhillselc.com.au

I believe in engaging in ongoing learning and reflective practices in order to build on my own and my team’s professional knowledge. It is fundamental to empower my fellow team members to be strong advocates for play-based learning. Children learn best through play as it provides a comfortable and familiar environment where they can explore, discover, hypothesise and test out ideas, create, imagine, think critically and improvise. My job is not only to be a coach and mentor to others but also to be able to create a safe environment where everybody feels confident to collaborate, share and work together as a team.


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Miss Danielle

Educator, Toddlers Room 1
Bowen Hills Early Learning

I’m very excited to be joining the team here at Bowen Hills Early Learning! I’ve been in childcare for over 3 years, working with a range of different age groups. I have a passion for contributing to each individual child’s learning journey and I’m very excited to meet each and every one of you. I look forward to meeting our new families and sharing my teaching philosophy and each child’s educational journey.


Mr James

Educator Float
Bowen Hills Early Learning

Hello, my name is James! I love working at Bowen Hills Early Learning as it combines my passion for childcare and love for entertaining and acting. It’s such a rewarding experience to help children learn and see them blossom through play-based activities! I also love to sing, much to the children’s joy. I look forward to meeting you all and going on this early learning journey with you and your family!


Ms Chantel

Junior Kindy Teacher
Bowen Hills Early Learning

Apart from being a wife and mother I am very proud to say that I am also a qualified teacher with 10 years experience in Early Childhood Development. I am also re-studying towards my Diploma in Australia to broaden my knowledge. Teaching, loving and exploring with young children through play, imagination, music, stories, art and other elements is my passion. My philosophy as a teacher is “Be The Reason”. Be the reason that children want to come to school, be the reason that a child feels loved and accepted every day, be the reason that they believe in themselves in anything they do and be the reason that they will never ever feel like failing.


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Miss Miranda

Centre Chef
Bowen Hills Early Learning

With over 15 years of experience as a qualified chef, I am extremely excited to be working here at Bowen Hills Early Learning! I look forward to encouraging children to try new foods and learn how to make nutritious meals in a fun way. I believe the early years are just as important when it comes to establishing healthy behaviours and long-term eating habits. I am also studying my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and look forward to starting this early learning journey with you all!