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Hilary Knights

Approved Provider
Bowen Hills Early Learning
Email:  hilary@bowenhillselc.com.au

I’m thrilled to be an Approved Provider of Bowen Hills Early Learning Centre and to welcome you into our Bowen Hills family. Being a Mum myself and having been involved in the childcare sector for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand what a powerfully positive impact quality childcare services has on each and every child’s life.  We are proud to offer your child our nurturing and loving environment where every child can benefit and blossom through our high-quality early childhood education and extra-curricular programs.


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Caitlin Tyson

Area Manager
Bowen Hills Early Learning
Email:  caitlin@bowenhillselc.com.au

I believe in engaging in ongoing learning and reflective practices in order to build on my own and my team’s professional knowledge. It is fundamental to empower my fellow team members to be strong advocates for play-based learning. Children learn best through play as it provides a comfortable and familiar environment where they can explore, discover, hypothesise and test out ideas, create, imagine, think critically and improvise. My job is not only to be a coach and mentor to others but also to be able to create a safe environment where everybody feels confident to collaborate, share and work together as a team.


Miss Jo

Centre Director
Bowen Hills Early Learning

My name is Jo Osborn. I am a diploma qualified educator who has been working in the childcare industry for 9 years.

I believe that positive guidance provides positive outcomes and it’s very important to work closely with families and have an understanding and respect for different child rearing practices. Self-help skills and independence is highly encouraged by me as an educator.

I believe in consistency and I strive to make a consistent and familiar environment where children learn to obtain a genuine respect for themselves and others. This helps to create a warm, safe, secure, welcoming environment: a place for children to feel they belong.

I believe as an educator it is important to develop strong bonds with the children and their families. It is my duty of care to ensure each child’s needs are being met while making each experience meaningful to help the children feel safe and supported while allowing children to explore their interests and providing a fun inclusive environment for all to enjoy.


Miss Louise

Early Childhood Teacher
Bowen Hills Early Learning

I believe children are unique individuals who require a secure and caring environment. This includes providing a stimulating atmosphere where children can develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

I strive to provide a safe environment through my teachings where children can make in-depth connections with me and their learning. I recognise how influential a child’s microsystem (environment) is to their development based on Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory.

The environment I wish to establish in the classroom will evolve around child-centred play-based learning as this style of learning will foster curiosity and encourage respect for all people and things.








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Miss Danielle

Bowen Hills Early Learning

I’m very excited to be joining the team here at Bowen Hills Early Learning! I’ve been in childcare for over 3 years, working with a range of different age groups. I have a passion for contributing to each individual child’s learning journey and I’m very excited to meet each and every one of you. I look forward to meeting our new families and sharing my teaching philosophy and each child’s educational journey.


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Miss Miranda

Bowen Hills Early Learning

I am thrilled to be the Assistant Educator in the Nursery room at Bowen Hills Early Learning. I started at the centre as the qualified Chef while undertaking my Certificate in Childcare and floated across each room to gain early childhood education experience. My passion and enthusiasm for early childhood education was recognised, and I am now enjoying my rewarding role as Assistant Educator in the Nursery under the guidance and mentorship of Miss Lisa Henderson. I believe the early years are very important and our roles as educators is to support and develop each child. I love growing and sharing my knowledge of both nutritional eating and early childhood education with the children, parents and my team members of the Bowen Hills Early Learning family. 


Miss Kelly

Lead Educator
Bowen Hills Early Learning

Hi I’m Kelly. Originally from Ireland my family and I have moved to Australia to enjoy the lifestyle and of course the great weather.

After completing my Level 5 and Level 6 studies in Early Childhood Care and Education I worked for a long day care centre in Ireland called Busy Kids and then took time off to have my young daughter. I am so passionate about working in early childhood education. I find it very rewarding watching children reach new milestones and broadening their abilities. I believe my role as an educator is to create friendly, loving and welcoming learning environments which in turn helps children to learn and grow though play based learning. I do this working in partnership with each child’s family and I am thrilled to be working at Bowen Hills Early Learning and becoming a part of the centre family.

I look forward to working with everyone to support each child’s growth and learning and providing a fun and safe learning environment.



Miss Lulu

Lead Educator
Bowen Hills Early Learning

Hi, my name is Miss Lulu and I support Miss Jo in the Senior Nursery. I have been in Australia since November 2016 and am completing my Diploma of Childcare through the Queensland Academy of Technology, Brisbane.

Originally from Beijing my husband and young son moved to Australia to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle and bring our son up in a better environment and educational settings and enjoy the wonderful Queensland lifestyle.

Prior to moving into the childcare sector, I held managerial positions in educational companies so have always had a love for education and feel very strongly about ensuring each child has the opportunity to learn through play in a high-quality early childhood environment.

I love being a part of the Bowen Hills Early Learning family and forming such strong relationships with our children and families.