We believe little ones learn best through engaging in play-based activities that allow them to develop their skills. Here at Bowen Hills Early Learning we provide children with unique learning experiences including yoga and meditation to relax their minds and bodies and provide a balance from a young age.

Yoga is a great way to help children develop self-confidence, a sense of well-being and the chance to explore their creativity through endless possibilities of play. It allows little ones to develop their social skills, express ideas, communicate and practice mindfulness all of which can support them into their adult life. Our Well-Being Program provides children with the opportunity to build their understanding, resilience, strength and esteem whilst participating in fun physical exercises.

Just as important as it is for little ones to be centred and calm, mothers need some time to relax too. We understand how stressful and busy life can be and want to provide our parents with opportunities to be relaxed, healthy and balanced as part as our wellness program.

Relax and centre your energy while waiting for your little ones.

Enrol in our parents weekly yoga class now.